zfs on Leopard


$ sudo zfs
ZFS Readonly implemntation is loaded!
To download the full ZFS read/write kext with all functionality enabled, please go to http://developer.apple.com
Read-Only ZFS Implementation
missing command
usage: zfs command args ...
where 'command' is one of the following:

        list [-rH] [-o property[,property]...] [-t type[,type]...]
            [-s property [-s property]...] [-S property [-S property]...]
            [filesystem|volume|snapshot] ...

        get [-rHp] [-o field[,field]...] [-s source[,source]...]
            <all | property[,property]...> [filesystem|volume|snapshot] ...

        mount [-o opts] [-O] -a
        mount [-o opts] [-O] <filesystem>

        unmount [-f] -a
        unmount [-f] <filesystem|mountpoint>

        send [-i <snapshot>] <snapshot>

Each dataset is of the form: pool/[dataset/]*dataset[@name]

For the property list, run: zfs set|get